AMW VS Cougar Event!

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Pickups or No pickups for the Event?

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No Pickups
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Re-Volt AMW VS Cougar Event!

Unread post by L!LMexican » Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:37 pm

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. I am here today to present to you this exciting sponsored event
by your well known Re-volt sponsors in a team-based showdown between the Underdogs of the
Professional class. AMW and Cougar, both are good at overtaking their competitors with Top speed,
but will that be enough in this showdown? SHOW THESE DRIVERS WHAT YOU CAN DO!

This event, as mentioned before will be Team based. It will happen on Saturday at 16 utc, with Paintjobs and times being due friday at 14utc. The teams will be tried to split in half but that's decided by the attendees.
The team of each car will select a leader to lead the drivers to victory, preferably select a color, maybe flags, and other additional accessories to create paint-jobs around such. The drivers will set their best times around the selected courses to able to gain entry to the event. To be able to qualify, drivers will need to beat 5 of the 21 following times on their selected courses.

Alexandria -00:54:000
Toy World Mayhem -00:37:500
Museum 1 R -00:54:000
Lunar -00:47:000
Toys In The Hood 2 -00:44:000
Museum 2 M -00:40:500
Brazil -01:08:500
Human Center -00:48:500
RV Temple -01:27:500
Jailhouse Rock -00:56:000
Botanical Garden -00:27:000
Toy World 2 R -00:33:000
Petro-Volt -01:13:000
Moon Dawn RM -01:54:000
Fools Mate 2 -00:37:700
ReVol-ectrix -00:36:000
Mikes Medieval Mayhem -00:51:500
The Mines Of Alderon -01:42:000
Supermarket 2 R -00:21:500
Biohazard Factory R -01:09:500
Toytanic 2 RM -00:52:000

May the better drivers Win!
I recommend that whatever car you use as a time trial competitor, you also use as your go to team car.

(Team AMW, LM, Kert, Sasorii, Delecto, Laggeerok, Floxit)
(Team Cougar, RedRicky, Ysk, Wichillie, Shara, Frizk, Daniel1)!Ak9ucU6TQNYvljSUgdVOR8jp6UWe Tracklist link.

(times with AMW *old times*)

To clarify, a leader will be agreed on for Team AMW, and Team Cougar. Everybody that wants to join the event can dm me personally so it’s easier to track. The team leaders, need to choose a color to have paintjobs around. (Ex. Blue for amw) this means that for every paintjob that involves a good amount of blue, can be used to race in the team section, which adds personality to the mix. You can create skins, just make sure to send them to me or your team leader if otherwise. This will be due at the on friday at 14 utc, Team leaders will be selected hopefully tomorrow or Thursday.

We also have a wonderful Podcaster\Shoutcaster, it is Andor! <3

This event will be a 6v6 across all the courses listed above, pickups are on and will be a no etiquette race. The races will be done with the same system as far as individuality but with a twist, for every team member of the same car that finishes within each other will be given 1 point as a bundle and will raise as more cars finish together by one point. (ex. If one cougar car finishes first with 12 players, they will be granted 12 points. If another cougar car finishes behind them, they as a whole with their combined scores will be given 1 point making it 12+11=23 taking the total of 23+1=24) This will happen all the way down the leader board. This will make it so that while it is important to finish in higher positions, you will also need to think about how to help your team as a whole finish higher on the scoreboards. We will have LM as team leader for Team AMW, and Shara as team leader for Team Cougar. We will be using Blue for Team AMW, as for Team Cougar, it will be revealed asap.
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Unread post by L!LMexican » Wed Nov 28, 2018 1:31 am

The poll will be updated to run until Friday at 14utc as well before the event.
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