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Re-Volt Announcing RVGL

Unread post by Huki » Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:54 pm

RVGL is a cross-platform rewrite / port of Re-Volt that runs natively on both Windows and GNU/Linux and uses modern, open source components to power it. We currently use OpenGL for the graphics, OpenAL Soft for the audio, SDL for input and OS specific support and ENet for networking.

We have playable builds for both Windows and Linux, so you can already test it. As of September 2016, we provide both 32-bit and 64-bit builds for both Windows and Linux.
Image Download:
Get the latest RVGL build from the links below:
rvgl_17.1222a [ win32 | win64 | linux | dc pack | changelog ]
► Installation steps for Windows
► Installation steps for GNU/Linux
  • Multiplayer & lobby support [done]
  • Texture formats (png / jpg) [done]
  • 64-bit native compile [done]
  • Unicode (utf-8) support [ongoing]
  • Shader based OpenGL implementation [ongoing]
  • Providing easy to use Linux package / Windows installer [done]
  • Documentation / Tutorials / etc. to encourage more custom content
  • Integrating DC and demo content [done]
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