[RVGL] Car's folder name In-Game (Specific to '-dev' flag)

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Re-Volt [RVGL] Car's folder name In-Game (Specific to '-dev' flag)

Unread post by LC-DDM » Wed Jun 03, 2020 4:26 pm

I'd like to suggest the following:

→ Adding a new piece of information to the game, while in -dev mode, that specifies the car's folder name whilst a car is selected. This can work in either one of two ways:

• As part of the car information under Transmission, in the stats box - which could vary in feasibility depending on the limits that may or may not be imposed or hardcoded into RVGL.

• On the top right corner, displayed at all times as you select your vehicle. Although this provides a more constant source of information, it would mainly only serve its use as a singleplayer tool - serving no use for split-screen play. Of course, this also means the data in question has to focus on the player alone to prevent any potential bugs when a suer is testing their vehicle against AI.

I attach to this post two potential mockups - in one image - for easy consultation as to how it could potentially work. Please note that until The Elder Golds Of RVGL™ make it so, this feature does not exist in-game.
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