Proper RPMs for add-on Clockworks/UFOs

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Proper RPMs for add-on Clockworks/UFOs

Unread post by HEAV » Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:32 pm

No one? ok it is somewhat odd how custom clockworks and probe ufos have their RPMs at different rates than their originals
so so

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Class   2   ;Engine type (0=Elec, 1=Glow, 2=Other)
you could make that 3 and 4 are also Special but with the clockwork and ufo setting respectively (unless both are the same hehe)
I think the value `2` is the same as Glow but idk; and for completion purposes the Elec variant of Special as `5`

EDIT: one example> Trolley with realistic sounds: 1. Elec is silent from idle; and 2. it is not Electric logically so it is a Special type
 I wanna be a clockwork too!
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