[RVGL] Android Navigation Improvements

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[RVGL] Android Navigation Improvements

Unread post by Kiwi » Sun Sep 29, 2019 6:07 pm

This weekend I've tested the Android version of RVGL for the first time. The installation of the APK as well the installation of content packages (I/O packs, DC-pack,...) went very smooth and much easier than I expected.

After I made some comments on the menu navigation, Huki provided an test build with some improvements at Discord:

- Hold down to scroll through content (should work anywhere with visible arrows).
- Increased touch region sizes around arrows.

Thanks for this Android test build. The navigation in the menus is much better than before now, especially the slightly bigger touch region. But all in all it’s still far away from comfortable.

For example the horizontal scrolling is working different than the vertical scrolling. At vertical scrolling I can just tap a menu item with the finger, keep the finger on the display, and move my finger up or down to navigate through the menu, and increase also the speed by moving my finger faster or slower. It’s very easy to get to the right menu item this way. After releasing the finger from the display, the currently active menu item will be selected. The horizontal scrolling is working different. For example the track selection: When I hit the arrow to the right with my finger, and keep the finger on the display, the right cursor stay pushed, and I can scroll through the tracks „fast forward“. But it‘s not possible to increase or decrease the speed by moving my finger to left or right. This also means, it‘s not possible to switch the direction of scrolling. Also, it‘s not possible to stop at a specific track. It only make it faster to move.

For me it‘s also confusing and unintuitive, that the selection is working different, than at vertical menus. At a vertical menu I can tap the screen to select a specific item. When I do the same at the track selection, the M/R/RM will be changed.

I've played the iOS version of Re-Volt from BigBit/WeGo 2 years ago, and I can‘t remember there where any issues with the menu navigation. However, we all can‘t have a look at it anymore, cause the game won‘t start anymore nowadays. I am not 100% sure, but I think there were also special buttons on the screen, for example to get to the precious screen. I‘m pretty sure no swiping was necessary there.

Another comfortable thing would be, to be able to resize/move the ingame buttons to a personal setting. I can‘t steer the car right, cause the buttons are too far in the corner, and they are also too small for my fingers. I either hit the wrong button, or don‘t hit the intended button at all. This is more an issue with the steering, cause I tap much more the left/righ buttons than the acc./brake buttons.
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