Bombs have been really buggy in online sessions lately

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Bombs have been really buggy in online sessions lately

Unread post by hajducsekb » Sun May 31, 2020 3:06 pm


I feel like there has been something going on with bombs recently, and it's pretty weird. I've mostly experienced it this last week, and I'm fairly sure that it wasn't only me. I'll try to recall all of them that have happened, but I don't really see a pattern.

#01 - Rooftops - me and Stingox - No Video
I got a bomb, and tried to pass it to Sting. Sting got the bomb on his end, I didn't pass it on mine. We then both attempted to pass the bomb, but both of us have exploded on our ends. I have no replay of this one, because I didn't finish the race. For the record, I had just got disconnected on Botanical Garden, which means there had to be some kind of network issue. But I believe it was between me and the host, and I was probably p2p with Sting.

The following 3 are visible in this video. They were part of 1 session, and our pings were very low (<25ms), I did check on it a few times. I've added the timestamps to the video for convenience.

#02 - Drivers School - me and Balesz - (timestamp: 0:25)
What happened here was, that Balesz blew up on my screen just after getting the bomb, then when he actually exploded, I just saw him randomly flip, no explosion whatsoever.
#03 - Holiday Camp - me and DVark09 - (timestamp: 23:30)
Basically the same happens as in the previous entry in this list. DVark explodes just after getting the bomb (him getting the pick-up is also visible here), and he tries to pass the bomb to me right after that. I don't see his bomb on my end. I also put a slow-mo version there, where it's obvious that he's trying to pass a bomb that already blew up on my end. Out of curiosity, I've checked the replay on Holiday Camp... It shows me blowing up.
#04 - Fools Mate 2 - Balesz and DVark09 - (timestamp: 24:45)
This is probably a similar case as the previous 2 were. This time, DVark gets a bomb, and Balesz claims that he didn't see it. DVark also couldn't pass it to him.

For this session, here is my re-volt.log file from Dropbox (direct download).
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Re: Bombs have been really buggy in online sessions lately

Unread post by 607 » Mon Jun 01, 2020 5:54 pm

Woow, it's really interesting that the replay shows you blowing up instead. :D
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Re: Bombs have been really buggy in online sessions lately

Unread post by Alex » Sun Jun 07, 2020 2:43 pm

Bombs and fake picks have been weird for a while now, there was a semi-pro race on Radioactive Garden where I became immune to bombs the whole race somehow. It was a few months ago now but I distinctly remember touching someone with a bomb like 10 times and not getting it and later getting a bomb through a pick and it just disappearing. I wasn't in the usual bomb immunity either as I didn't explode before each instance
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Re: Bombs have been really buggy in online sessions lately

Unread post by revolting1 » Sun Jun 07, 2020 9:59 pm

Probably a missconfiguration, slow internet, bunch of other programs using it simultaneously, etc...
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