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[SOLVED] [RVGL] Glitchy Antenna Tips

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:50 am
by URV
As posted in the Stunt GP conversion thread, the antenna tips currently behave strangely, preventing us from creating proper custom antennas (e.g. flags). When the car is moving, the antenna tips randomly rotate at 90 degree angles, which is not noticeable with the default antenna due to its symmetry.

Here is a video of the issue:

Re: Glitchy Antenna Tips

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:29 pm
by Huki
Can you send me that flag model, or something similar that I can work with?

Re: Glitchy Antenna Tips

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:01 am
by URV
I don't have one on hand, but this should do for now. :grimacing:

Re: Glitchy Antenna Tips

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:35 am
by Gotolei
I actually remember making sure the joke hats had radial symmetry for this reason.

Here's what I still have of that car, it's not exactly the same but it's mostly still there. Still the same behavior. aerialt-custom.prm