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[SOLVED] [RVGL Android] All tracks locked

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:20 am
by Zigomar
I just installed the game and assets on my Android 5.1 phone, all seems to run well : i created a profile then selected
Start Race -> Single Race -> Sim or Arcade -> [profile] -> RC Bandit -> but then i can't find a track that is not locked ?
What's going wrong ?
OK... I messed it, I didn't see that I should not overwrite files when I copy the asset in the RVGL folder, it seemed natural since I had installed the game first then found the folder and put the assets in. But I found in Troubleshooting section that I should create the folder first and put the assets in before installing the game, this way the new content overwrites the old content as it should.
Now lets have fun ;)
I keep the topic open in case someone has the same problem - though it might be moved in another section. I'm new so I don't know the ropes yet, if someone finds it appropriate, feel free to do so.