[Solved] "Can't create profile" error message [Windows 10 Pro 64bit]

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[Solved] "Can't create profile" error message [Windows 10 Pro 64bit]

Unread post by 7wells » Mon Sep 07, 2020 4:24 pm


I extracted the latest https://distribute.re-volt.io/releases/ ... online.zip to C:\Program Files\RVGL\ and started rvgl.exe. After entering my player name and hitting [enter], Windows throws an error message in a popup window:
Can't create profile.
Your progress will be lost.
The profiles folder is empty, so I cannot provide a log.

PS: [Solved]
Since I had used the 7z archive (intended for advanced users only ;)) instead of the installer, I had to set the correct access rights on the RVGL folder. Now it works. :) I should have read this first:
Installation steps for Windows

Download the Win32 or Win64 installer setup, depending on your system.
Run it and follow the on-screen instructions. The setup will automatically set required folder permissions, update registry keys and create a Desktop shortcut.
You can now launch the RVGL shortcut on your Desktop, or run rvgl.exe from your Re-Volt folder.
It is possible to manually extract files from the executable without running it (you might have to install 7-zip first). This is intended for advanced users only.
I have not updated registry keys, but that does not seem to have negative side effects, as far as I can see.

Can maybe someone (Huki?) add a note to the above (in the announcement post) how registry keys are updated/created? (if necessary)
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Re: [Solved] "Can't create profile" error message [Windows 10 Pro 64bit]

Unread post by Huki » Tue Sep 08, 2020 7:31 am

It's generally not recommended to unpack portable games and applications (zip, 7z, ...) into "C:\Program Files". This place is meant for installed applications and have restrictive permissions. Unpack rvgl_full_win64_online.zip to somewhere like Documents. If you need to share the installation between multiple users, a having separate partition is a good idea (eg, "D:\Games\RVGL").

The registry keys are optional and is intended for other applications to detect your RVGL installation (eg, for Discord integration and other lobby launchers, like RV House). I have to collect exactly what keys are created, but meanwhile, you can check the RVGL setup source code yourself.
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Re: [Solved] "Can't create profile" error message [Windows 10 Pro 64bit]

Unread post by 7wells » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:03 am

Huki, again thanks for your help! :thumbsup: And I completely agree that it's not a good habit. I will move it somewhere else.

For those interested, it's these keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:
software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\revolt.exe

PS @Huki
The file main.cpp contains these 2 lines:

Code: Select all

#define REG_INSTALL_KEY     "software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\App Paths\\revolt.exe"
#define REG_DIRECTPLAY_KEY  "software\\Microsoft\\DirectPlay\\Applications\\Re-Volt"
Are they commented out by #, or are they really definitions? (sorry, I have no knowledge about this code syntax)
I ask, because my registry does not contain a path 'DirectPlay', but 'DirectPlay8' and 'DirectPlayNATHelp' (both are empty at the moment). Is that maybe relevant for you? In case the 2 lines are just comments and the real path is pulled by GetRegistryPath (so much I could guess), then please ignore my PS.
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