[RVGL Release] 19.0120a

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[RVGL Release] 19.0120a

Unread post by Huki » Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:12 am

RVGL has been updated to 19.0120a!

Download Win32 [ setup | 7z ]
Download Win64 [ setup | 7z ]
Download Linux [ setup | 7z ]
Download Android [ apk ]

Visit the topics for the Android version and the Shader edition for more information.

Download the Dreamcast Pack: rvgl_dcpack.zip (not updated this time)
Download the Community Soundtrack: soundtrack.zip
Download the Controller Map Android app: rvgl_controller_map.apk
More about the update and RVGL: changelog | docs

Full game downloads are available at distribute.re-volt.io.

Image The network version has been updated!

Custom Frontends Support:
A new track type is added for creating custom frontend levels (i.e., menu screens). Set 'GAMETYPE 3' in the level .inf file:

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GAMETYPE    3  ; Track type (0:default, 1:battle, 2:stunt, 3:frontend)
Select between the available frontends from Options -> Select Frontend.


Properties related to your custom frontend can be configured through a special file frontend.txt placed in the level folder. This file allows you to customize the camera positions at each menu screen. See the documentation for more details along with a sample frontend.txt file.

The ability to customize frontend textures is also improved:
  • Textures acclaim.bmp (default track image) and loadfront[1-4].bmp can be customized.
  • Carbox textures are moved out of frontend folder to cars\misc\carbox[1-5].bmp, allowing them to be customized.
  • Menu title images that were mapped to frontend[f,g].bmp are moved to gfx\spruimage.bmp so it's separate from world textures.
Below is a preliminary Frontend Pack featuring Sakura and Space Frontend converted and repacked for RVGL:

Improved Replays:
There is now support for multiple replay save slots. Replays are timestamped and saved to replays folder upon using Save Replay. These can be viewed later from Options -> View Replay. Further, replays are now available in Championship and Multi-Player mode (including Spectator mode).

Replay file format has improved, too. Replay file size now depends on the stored data and no longer fixed at 1MB. The frequency of player position updates is increased and should result in smoother playback. It's also possible to use Save Replay multiple times without terminating the recording (especially useful in Spectator mode).

Other Replay mode tweaks include:
  • Hood and Rear camera views added to the random selection.
  • Up / Down changes car view by position (similar to Spectator mode).
Additional Level Textures:
The number of possible level texture pages has increased to 64. This makes it possible to have a dedicated texture for each terrain type (rather than packed into a single large texture), allowing them to be easily repeated (i.e., by using TEXTUREPROPS 'repeat' mode). See the documentation for more details and a list of file names for each texture ID.

The support makes porting tracks from games like Stunt GP a relatively straightforward process. Below is a screenshot from a WIP Stunt GP track running in RVGL. Can you guess which one it is?


Extended File Limits:
Several level file limits are extended, giving more freedom in creating larger worlds:
  • AI Nodes, Pos Nodes, Cam Nodes (4096)
  • AI Zones, Fields, Triggers, Instances, Visiboxes, Portals (1024)
  • Lights, Objects, Instance Models, Visibox Headers (256)
  • New languages: Serbian and Czech, updated Polish text.
  • Unicode: Support for combining characters, Arabic and Hebrew romanization schemes and more characters.
  • The 'j' character is redesigned to support diacritics.
Other Changes:
  • New command line -nodemo to disable screensaver activating in main menu.
  • Android: Added /storage/extSdCard to the list of search paths.
  • Online: Hardware timer is used to re-seed the Random Number Generator for each race (should result in better quality of randomization).
  • Level Properties: properties.txt parsing is more secure and has fixes for several issues. Boolean values are now updated properly (previously, setting a key to 'false' simply had no effect). The values accepted by TexturePage key is now clarified.
  • Calc Stats: Fix for some custom cars (eg, Bendor) not starting in Calc Stats mode. (#80)
  • Calc Stats: PgUp / PgDn can now be used to change to a different car and automatically redo the test.
  • Fixed the glitchy rotation of aerial tips when using asymmetrical models like flags. (#406)
  • Fixed a bug in AI computation for finding the closest player (eg, to pass bomb or fire a rocket) when players are in adjacent zones.
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Re: [RVGL Release] 19.0120a

Unread post by Kiwi » Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:20 am

This is the most amazing update in a long time. Especially for trackmakers like me there is so much new usefull stuff. Can't wait to use some of it for my next track. But also things like the problem with rotating antenna tips is solved now. :eyes:

Thank you so much for this.
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Re: [RVGL Release] 19.0120a

Unread post by Wichilie » Fri Jan 18, 2019 10:26 am

Seconded, this update brings so much great features and bugfixes! One of the best for sure.

Thanks for the work that went into this!
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Re: [RVGL Release] 19.0120a

Unread post by Dyspro50 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:17 pm

Really nice update, especially the increased texture limit !
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