[RVGL Release] 18.0725a

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[RVGL Release] 18.0725a

Unread post by Huki » Tue Jul 24, 2018 11:49 pm

RVGL has been updated to 18.0725a!

Download Win32 [ setup | 7z ]
Download Win64 [ setup | 7z ]
Download Linux [ setup | 7z ]
Download Android [ apk ]

Visit the topics for the Android version and the Shader edition for more information.

Download the Dreamcast Pack: rvgl_dcpack.zip (not updated this time, latest version: 18.0720a)
Download the Soundtrack: soundtrack.zip
More about the update and RVGL: changelog | docs

Full game downloads are available at distribute.re-volt.io.

Improved Antialias Support:
Antialias support in RVGL was implemented through the use of Frame Buffer Objects (i.e., the application maintains its own frame buffers rather than rendering directly to the window buffers). This release allows users to disable FBO, and use a native multisampled window, by setting EnableFBO = 0 in rvgl.ini. Native multisampling is very fast on embedded GPUs and enjoys wider support:
  • 2x or 4x native multisampling can be enabled on embedded GPUs with virtually no performance loss.
  • It's even supported on low end GLES2 hardware, like my phone's Adreno 203.
  • Can be used with the non-shader GLES1 renderer too. FBO, on the other hand, requires GLES3 which implies shader support.
The downside is that, native multisampling cannot be configured in-game from Render Settings. It must be set directly in rvgl.ini through the Antialias key. It's usually safe to set Antialias = 2 or Antialias = 4. The behavior is undefined when an unsupported value is used. The currently used Antialias level can still be checked from Render Settings.

Because of the performance benefits, FBO is disabled by default on Android.

Other improvements:
  • The ANGLE Direct3D backend has got support for Antialias (FBO multisampling).
  • Video capture should now work when FBO multisampling is used (e.g, on Desktops).
  • Fixed various issues including crashes and rendering glitches when Uniform Buffers are used. Users who had set EnableUBO = 0 earlier can now turn it back on and confirm that everything is fixed.
  • A shader compilation error that was reported on Linux under a GL 3.1 compatibility context (GLProfile = 0) should now be fixed.
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Re: [RVGL Release] 18.0725a

Unread post by 607 » Wed Jul 25, 2018 3:13 pm

Bumping this if you don't mind, so people won't think 18.0720a is the newest version (it's on top currently).
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