Re-Volt Repaint Contest Third Month Results

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Re-Volt Repaint Contest Third Month Results

Unread post by TrixedXD » Mon May 13, 2019 8:51 pm

As you already know, the RVRC contest has ended. With 4 new entrys arrived and thanks to all the participants, the new Super Pro cars got themselves done wicked good skins, hehe. So, the winner is... Mushy!! Congratulations!


1st place: Mushy (22 votes)
2nd place: Xarc (20 votes)
3rd place: Phimeek (15 votes)
4th place: Trixed (5 votes)

And here are each opinion from judges:

- Omega by Mushy


Xarc: My favourite, i like a lot the color combination, the logo on the front hood is well made, and the pattern used on the azure strype is cool, very good job!, 👍

MightyCucumber: A nice little surprise coming from Mushy that has recently joined our community, which is especially remarkable since this was one of their first contributions. Really good colour combo and everything falls into place really nicely, I can really feel an ancient Greek vibe coming from this skin. :)

Trixed: For the first show up, Mushy impressed me. For a new comer that's some good stuff. I really like the Greek theme to this skin, complimented to the original base, Dragheat, which surprisingly it has some sort of ancient related livery, having a dragon on, which is considered a mythical creature of the Chinese culture. The color scheme was well chosen and the decal placement is perfectly done, not too much but not too little. Well done Mushy.

-8B by Phimeek


Xarc: A nice skin for Commandine, but it as the panel gap problem, i'm starting to think that i should make a separated layers for panel gaps xD, anyway a good skin.

MightyCucumber: I'm always fond of fading gradients on paintjobs, and adding the checkered pattern really adds up to an amazing skin for good old Commandine. Can't notice the issues Xarc mentioned, so I guess they're not that noticeable. Good skin!

Trixed: Well, Commandine suits well these gradient fading styles applied successfully, like in this case, and color scheme was well chosen. It gives me
some sort of a Fire & Ice vibe, which is a bonus point, complimented by the stock decals. We'll done Phim.

-Neon by Xarc


Xarc: My car with reversed neon text xD nothing to say.

MightyCucumber: Xarc coming up with really neat paintjobs as usual! Really says what the name implies, feels like I'm looking at a Vegas street full of colourful neons on a dark night sky. For some reason the style of the decals reminds me of Mario Kart games, ahah. One of my favourites!

Trixed: Initially I was going to make a neon, chameleon paintjob for King Kaiju as my entry, which didn't happend, but I might have use a bmq file as a shape-shifting color thing or something like that that might have changed the colors between, like changing from various colors from the angle of view. I'm glad that you did something like this. Starmac diservs some love. Looks really cool. Nothing to say. Great Job!

-TheMudman by Trixed


Xarc: A good skin for Mudman, but honestly I don't like the colors used, sorry Trixed. 😂

MightyCucumber: A good colour combo with colours that don't easily and always mix very well, so this is a big plus for this skin. It follows a more traditional and classic style with the straight lines and linear patterns, that ultimately make up for a very nice skin. Only thing I'm not very fond of is the black stripe going across the wheel arches, it looks jagged from some angles, but it's not that big of an eyesore either. ;)

Trixed: This paintjob was based on one of my Matchbox pieces I own, more specifically the Datsun Bluebird 510 Rally car from 2017 - mid 2018, second recolor. wicked, what a neat piece. Mudman, as an advice for future repainters, was tricky to be honest, since the arches in the map are terribly placed. The fact that the black stripe looks this way was mostly because of the map, lowering the whole thing would do nothing. Really tricky. Notheless the skin turned out pretty cool.

And that's it folks, it was a pleasure to judge these skins and we are ready for the next one so get ready guys 😁. See ya later. Also, don't forget to post your entrys for the third month, hehe.
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