Re-Volt Repaint Contest Second Month Results

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Re-Volt Repaint Contest Second Month Results

Unread post by TrixedXD » Mon Apr 08, 2019 6:58 pm

As you already know, the RVRC contest has ended yesterday. sadly 4 entrys were submitted but it's still a solid countdown to be honest. It could be worse. So, without further ado, the winner of this month is... (Drums please...) Me! Wait, duck. Hol' up.

Yes, the winner is indeed me, by leading up to Xarc's entry with one point.


1st place: Trixed (24 votes)
2nd place: Xarc (23 votes)
3rd place: Kiwi (18 votes)
4th place: Zeino (6 votes)

And here are each opinion from judges:

- RVRC20 by Xarc


Xarc: Nothing to say, the only thing i realized too late was that the colors used are too similar to G3X colors scheme, maybe it would have been better in black & orange, anyway i'm pretty happy with it.

Trixed: To be honest this one is my favorite, it's unique design reminds me of some sort of real toys, which is a good thing. It fits well Shinning Fairy as a base and the overall looks very good, hehe.

MightyCucumber: nice cholour scheme, everything falls into place nicely, from the stripes, to the checkered pattern to the small little details like grids, lights and such. Really feels like a racing car, I can see myself driving this in the future, really love the skin.

-Red Snake by Kiwi


Xarc: just perfect, like most of Kiwi works, can't find enything to nitpick xD, great job, one of my 2 favourites. :thumbsup:

Trixed: Well, I like that Kiwi tried to fit the paint job with Zipper's map, since it's garbage, which is a bonus point. The red color looks really good, but it could go with another design. Like, since the first skin he posted for skin submission, for me this one it's just a recolor. I'm not trying to be harsh or something, it's just a bummer that he could go with something new, fresh, like recent with his new "Pozion" design for Zipper. I enjoy it, but not as much as the others. Still a great entry, hehe.

Mighty Cucumber: Really good livery considering Zipper's less than ideal mapping. Follows the same pattern Kiwi has gotten us used to with the simple stripes and details that overall make for a very pleasing livery to look at! Also, the red color really makes it look fierce and dangerous,I like it! Really tied with Trixed entry as to the skin I like the most after Xarc's entry.

-China Volt by Zeino


Xarc: A good Pemto skin, i don't like the green front bumpers, and the front hood looks empty compared to the rest but other then that i like the style of the rest.

Trixed: Hehe, send noodles. I like it, comercial sponsor for a Nascar. Good idea, hehe. The overall design looks cool, but as Xarc mentioned the front bumper looks weird and yeah, you could give some love to the hood as well. So far you're improving, hehe:ok_hand:. It's a bummer that it only got 6 votes, but still a solid entry.

Mighty Cucumber: Interesting take on Pemto, its actually a nice concept. The hood is a bit barren but other than that the car feels pretty well done overall. The colour sheme is also very complementary, and honestly,I kinda like the green noodles on the front ahah.

-LR Co. by Trixed


Xarc: Awesome skin for LR 64, my second favorite (can't choose only 1 from this and Red Snake), however i noticed that panel gaps have the same problem of some of first month cars, the overlay method should be multiply or overlay but in this case seems to fit anyway with the car colors, so it is ok also like this (maybe you did it on purpose xD) good job. :thumbsup:

Trixed: Eh, tbh I have nothing to say, hehe.
Actually... First of all, my entry was supposed to be a Acclaim F1 skin, until I had a look on an Instagram post... So this one was based on a Tamiya kit, which looks really cool in real life. It has some sort of British vintage racing feeling to me. The color scheme is what really made me enjoy this entry.

Mighty Cucumber: This livery is tied with Kiwi's as to the one I like the most after RVRC20, I'm really fond of colour schemes with two or more colours fading into another to create a really neat look. The yellow rims are a good complement to the blueish tone of the overall skin. The only thing I'm not very fond of is the overall placement of the "Donnie" decals, as they kinda disrupt the overall style that was used for the rest of the skin. Overall though I think the skin is very well pulled off, great job!

And that's it folks, it was a pleasure to judge these skins and we are ready for the next one so get ready guys 😁. See ya later. Also, don't forget to post your entrys for the third month, hehe.
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