Re-Volt Repaint Contest Results

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Re-Volt Repaint Contest Results

Unread post by TrixedXD » Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:24 pm

As you already know, the RVRC contest has ended yesterday. 6 entrys were submitted and I'm glad to see interest of this sort of contests. So, without further ado, the winner of this month is... (Drums please...) Kipy!!!

So: 1st place: Kipy (25 votes)
2nd place: FZG (24 votes)
3rd place: Xarc (20 votes)

And here are each opinion from judges:

- Weird Sensation by Xarc


MightyCucumber: looks good as a stock look alike, not so much into the theme though. Incorporates some interesting contrasts between colours and the fonts and general decal placement reminisce of a grafitti, but doesnt quite feel like "street art"
sorry Xarc 😖

Trixed: well, in my opinion, the color scheme fits in, but the yeah, as mighty said, it kinda doesn't fit the overall of the contest. Your entry is gorgeous, not gonna lie, but not as good as the theme needed. Great job on it!

Xarc: mhh well it's my car not really much to say, but i agree, it could have fit better if instead of normal text had some graffiti

-Linteum by Kipy


MightyCucumber: I really like Kipy's entry, not only it feels like street art, it definitley has the essence of street art, since he seems to have created all those little details himself. Within the apparent chaos os this "graffiti/scribble" car, there seems to be a smooth flow between themes. I really like it.

Xarc: this one is my favourite, it looks good, maybe he could have tried to make some custom rims or adding more shading, but it is still the best imo.

MightyCucumber: I think so as well, I'm really thorn between his entry and FZGs honestly as to what's my favourite.

Trixed: I think he has overcome himself. Simply the details are well set, the theme respects, and the obscure, melancholic and sensational feeling that it gives me is unthinkable. Great job Kipy, great job!

-S A D S T A T I O N by FZG


MightyCucumber: I think the same as Xarc, a very appealing car with those Sakura themes, very soft colours that can definitely pass both as street art both as even a stock car. Very nice balance! Theres actually a ton of art depicting cherry blossoms, so I think FZG picked a nice theme. The PS logo doesnt bother me all that much, but I agree with Xarc. Really divided between this one and Kipy's as to which is my favourite.

Xarc: the same for me, but that PS logo trigger me.😂

Trixed: Yeah, i agree with you Mighty. The overall of the car suits nicely and gently with ZS-9, those sakura flowers contrasts great with the color scheme and tbh, i have nothing to say more. Definitely one of my favorites, along with Kipy's entry. Nice job!

Nippon Works by burner94


Xarc: A nice car, but, in my opinion there are 2 things that could make it better
1) some outline near the bubbles
2) using less colors
the think i really like a lot of this car are the custom rims

MightyCucumber: I like the rims as well, but thats about it. Imo the fonts used and overall placement of details could be better. Colour palette is nothing too outstanding either. Unlike previous cars we discussed, this doesnt feel much like street art, or art as a whole. Feels more like a meme car actually 😬. I can definitely see time and effort spent on it, and if we judge the details sepparatelly like the rims, the goldfish or the lotus flower theres definitely some themes that could have been explored.

Trixed: as he showed me all the process and changes on this skin, even some moments when he almost gave up, this skin turned out really good. The fact that every single detail was made from scratch by him makes my heart glad to judge it. But yeah, as i told him too, the overall pallet could be perfect if he added a few more details on background, none or else, great job!

MightyCucumber: I had a feeling the the decals had been made from scratch, thats nice to know. :)

LA Galaxxy by Zeino


MightyCucumber: This skin from Zeino was quite a surprise, even thought its not fully related to the art theme, I feel like some aspects feel... artsy? Feels like its a cross between a drag queen and an hot rod, and honestly, I really like it! :P. I also like the fact that he left his signature in the paintjob, thats a nice touch.

Xarc: nice skin, i like a lot the roof and the pattern used, the flames also are cool with different tones of color, but a thing that could have been done better are the panel gaps, use a fusion method to apply them correctly (Same goes to ccxr1984).

Trixed: Yeah, mostly agree with you, it's a balance between an art car and old classic car culture. Sweet flames twixie, also that sparkly paint looks sweet. You did it good.

And last but not least, ccxr1982 with his target badumts. Get it? No, no? OK, gonna stop making bad jokes.

-Bullseye by ccxr1982


MightyCucumber: I like the colour scheme and I guess decals aren't that bad either. I don't feel that it's near as good as the other cars up for contest though.

Xarc: well i like the target idea, but there are some stickers cutted by mapping and the same problem with panelgaps of Zeino (i suggest to use overlay fusion method for them), also, great rims. 👍

Trixed: Yeah, the whole idea is not bad at all, i really like that game word he made. But as you said, it could be better.

And that's it folks, it was a pleasure to judge these skins and we are ready for the next one so get ready guys 😁. See ya later.
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