Re-Volt Repaint Contest #newrvrc8

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Re-Volt Repaint Contest #newrvrc8

Unread post by TrixedXD » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:05 pm

Greeting Re-Volt fellows, today I'm happy to announce that I'm hosting my first month repaint contest. What's up with this competition? Well, RV Repaint Contest, or how I like to call it RVRC, it's mainly made for sharing the creative spirit of each member of our community. What's the rules? Well:

1)First of all, be original as possible.
2)Respect the monthly theme.
3)Keep the stock like look of your skin (in case it is not a real livery theme).
4)Don't discourage the other participants.
5)And most important, have fun. :D

First month theme is... drums please

-Art Cars.

"What's the main point of this theme?" you may ask.

This theme focuses on your creativity. Basically, make an uncommon livery, as unique as possible (like using various colours, patterns, colorful palletes, colored tires or not and so on). You can choose whatever stock/io pack cars you want, as long as it respects the main theme. Alright, hope to see you there and good luck!!!

Example of how an Art Car repaint would look like:

-Mighty Cucumber

Note: There's no need to alterate any original file or value in parameters, just a cosmetic look. Contact Trixed, Mighty or Xarc when your work is done or simply post in here.

Deadline: 2 March
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Re: Re-Volt Repaint Contest #newrvrc8

Unread post by Xarc » Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:17 am

Here is my entry with a Touga repaint i called "Weird Sensation":

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Re: Re-Volt Repaint Contest #newrvrc8

Unread post by Kipy » Thu Jan 17, 2019 1:51 pm

My entry for this competition. It is called Linteum, an Alice repaint.
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