512x512 stock car textures

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512x512 stock car textures

Unread post by URV » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:56 pm

Reposted from ORP.
nevermind wrote: I have enlarged the stock cars textures using the most impressive image enlarging method I have ever found (nnedi3) to get 512x512 (formatted as .bmo) textures. I thought the result was good enough to be shared (a lot of texture aliasing is avoided), so here they are!

A few examples (cropped screenshots from a 1920x1080 screen):
Adeon: before, after.
Bertha Ballistics: before, after.
Cougar: before, after.
Pest Control: before, after.
Zipper: before, after.
(Open the two images from one car in two different tabs and Press Ctrl-Tab or Ctrl-Shift-Tab to change from one to another - that way, the changes are easily spotted)

I know that the results are not that great and those textures have effect only from a close view, but it is still better than using 256x256 textures, so... why not? These textures will be a good option until somebody decides to start an ambitious project involving those textures.

You may download all the textures here. (.rar, 5.21 MB)
Please read the readme before trying those textures. Genghis Kar and cheat cars are not included.

I hope you enjoy this!
I use this for my personal Re-Volt installation and figured it may be of interest to others. A mirror is also available here.
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Re: 512x512 stock car textures

Unread post by SnakyCurve330 » Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:39 pm

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