No Repo Survival racing session - Dec. 08 Sunday @ 19:00 UTC

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Re-Volt No Repo Survival racing session - Dec. 08 Sunday @ 19:00 UTC

Unread post by hajducsekb » Sun Dec 08, 2019 2:52 am

Hey, all! I'm pasting my message from Discord below, since it's kinda easier this way ;)

I'll be hosting a **No Repo Survival** session on **Sunday at 19:00 UTC**. This is like an LMS session, but with actual racing. You can use **any car from the I/O pack**, and the **track pack (required)** will be available on the link below. The folder names are unique, so it should not overwrite your existing files, and if you're in the game, the tracks have a `(No Repo Edition)` tag after them. However, I still recommend setting up a seperate install.


- Any car that is part of the I/O pack can be used (except for Super Pros)
- In each race, after first place crosses the line, there'll be a certain time limit for other finishers (this limit will be determined before the session, and will possibly be different on each track)
- If you fall off a track and can't reposition, you have to wait for the next race. You can go in spectator mode, and I'll alert you before the next race begins, but if the lobby is full, people will be able to take your place. Because of this, spectating is not recommended.
- Pick-ups: Off
- Etiquette: :radioactive:
- Laps: Differs between tracks (TBA)
- Difficulty: Arcade

Since this is an experimental session, I will be spectating it instead of racing (and to have a better look through of what's happening).
Track pack download (**might be updated before the session, mostly linking it now for testing purposes**):!59Yl3KoC!rLHcsL6RuiyY ... BSLIb4Fsko
Feel free to report any issues you find! It's past 3 am, could have messed up something in the pack... :P
Current list of tracks (these will be raced, but not in the currently listed order):

- Daydreaming
- Floating World
- Grayscale Road
- Route-77
- GBA: Rainbow Road
- Road in the Sky
- Floating Temples (suggested by 607)
- Terminus
- To The Moon (suggested by URV)
- Venice (suggested by 607)
- WipeOut

IP should be, will alert on Discord just in case can't get it to work. Glhf! :)
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