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Re-Volt DVark's Custom Stunt Arena Challenge

Unread post by DVark09 » Fri Sep 11, 2020 4:36 pm

Welcome to my speedrun challenge!

Here you can test your skills with a brand new environment and set of rules with the cars you are used to, or with a brand new car for a new experience!

You can compete in 14 different tracks with varying difficulties!
For help you can check out my website for maps or this video for example runs. Beehive Valley can be checked out Here.
Download all the custom arenas here

Timer starts from the map loading in and finishes with getting the final star. There are two tracks that have 2 categories each for separating because of difficulty/availability in those maps.
You can leave to the menu in tracks that need a car change during the run, menuing time will be included in the final time.
Where otherwise not stated, only stock, non-cheat cars can be used through the entirity of the run.
-dev, -editorsplease, -gazzasaicar and -sload are disallowed in order to have a fair ground and to be able to time the run correctly.
Disabling instance models is not allowed

To participate record your attempt then submit your time here with the video linked!

If you want to have the most precise timing method, you should use livesplit and the included autosplitter inside. For help on that check out this page.
Note: Change the game name to Re-Volt: Custom Levels in Livesplit!
If you have a speedrun.com account, be sure to submit it here aswell!

If you need any help, be sure to contact me on Discord at DVark09#7856

Leaderboards by Track:
Beehive Valley Adventures (NOTE: Only Timothy's car and Wolly's boat are allowed)
1. DVark09 - 31:16.110

Chocolate Ultimate Arena

Dirt Stunt Arena

JSCA Circuit (Practice Mode)

KABOOM! - Stunt Version

Pac-man Islands Maze

Pac-man Islands Maze 2

Present Hunt

Simple Dirty Raceway Playground - Stunt Version (NOTE: Only UFO is allowed)

Skiing Paradise - Stunts
1. Hajducsekb - 5:37.333

Stunts on the Moon

Sweet California (Practice Mode)

Venice Stunt
35 Stars (Tick Max -1 stars setting in Livesplit!)

36 Stars (NOTE: Dreamcast cars are also allowed here)

Warehouse Stunt Arena (NOTE: Only UFO is allowed)
20 Stars (Tick Max -1 stars setting in Livesplit!)

21 Stars (The final star is really hard so I separated it)
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