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Re-Volt Zeino's Monthly Time Trial Challenges

Unread post by Tryxn » Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:14 pm


After racing in time trial with some cars that are kinda difficult to drive, a simple idea popped in my mind - monthly time trial challenges. Every month with a car that is not a part of any I/O pack will be selected as the monthly challenge car. Participants will try to race the best times in time trial with selected car on every stock track (including rooftops) in both normal and reversed versions (excluding mirrored and reversed mirrored). As an addition two custom tracks from the I/O pack excluding the bonus pack will be selected just to make it more challenging. If the selected car will have problems on any track (e.g. too slow, bugged to the ground etc.) the track is going to be replaced with another custom I/O track (excluding bonus). With this said we can move to some simple stuff/rules:
• You can only use the selected monthly car.
• You can't change any line in the monthly car's parameters.txt.
• You can post your times in this forum thread or send them to me trought discord [Tryxn (Zeino)
• Please post your times same as you would do to the classic time trials.
• At the end of the month the final leaderboard will be released here and the discord server.

With the rules and basic stuff told, I can announce this months time trial challenge.
This months challenge car is RC Goblin (You can get it here: http://revoltzone.net/cars/2482/RC%20Goblin).
The two random I/O tracks for this month are Spa-Volt 1 (both ways) and Amco TT (both ways).
RC Goblin cannot race Toys In The Hood 1 and Supermarket 1 in regular versions of tracks because for some reason they spawn in the ground. Because of this you can only race the reversed versions of the stated tracks and there's going to be added a third I/O track as a placeholder. This track is Snowy River (both ways). This means, you need to race TITH1 and SM1, but only in reversed + Snowy River in both ways.
This months deadline is going to be extended far to March 1st.
If you need any more information about this, feel free to contact me trough discord or down below in this forum thread.
Any car suggestions for future time trial challenges are welcome.

Good luck and have fun!
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