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RVGL - Redesign / Retextured (wip)

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:31 pm
by 5torm
Hello RevoltheadZ,

im back in Business. :)
My last activity was in 2013/2014 at RV-Live Forum :P where i created a Modern Racedesign HUD etc.

A few Years ago i tried to modify all textures and Levels but then there was no much time for spending work at this Project.
Im sry for that, i spend all my files to rv-live and here.

Marv said i can comeback whenever i can . so here i am. :P

So, what does my Topic mean?

Now i will finish my Idea since 2013, helping you Guys to create an unique Re-Volt Game.

*New Smoothy Frontend
*New Loadingscreens
*New Textures viewable in HD
*Redesign of the Original Tracks and i want to bring 2 New Levels with it (U-volt & Rick and Morty House)
*a few little things that marv eventually need to finish the Project. haha


The Frontend:

My idea for a new Frontend Themedesign inspired from "Rick and Morty" is a Garagetheme.
At the moment i don't know if i can modify the Cameramove in the Frontendmenu.
I think it will be hardcoded...

So i had a little challenge to build a Garage that fits to all Camerapositions in Mainmenu.
First of all i wrote down all Positions and how it looks like for easy further work.

i know there are 10 Positions or 11 with Multiplayerpart but this position is obsolete...

After that i draw my Concept with actual Camerapositions on paper.


Blender - The Beginning of War :D

A long time ago (i think 2000-2006?) i did a lot of work with the Valve Hammer Editor for the Game Half-Life
i build Levels, created Textures worked for my own Mod and so on.
The editor was very tricky but after hours of work it was so easy.

The same Thing now called Blender :) but i think after a few hours of trying i can get it.

For exact Position and a few Marks like the Point for the Table and co i import the Frontend.w and placed a few Cubes...
Yes i know, no Texture ingame. :) BeginnerBlenderLevel :D

!Can anyone give me a hint how to Screenshot in Mainmenu? my Printbutton dont work with rvgl!


and please be patient because i cant work 24h for Re-Volt :D but this time i will finish my Ideas.
Lots of work from now but like Kiwi on and on, piece for piece.

For this recreation i try to hold the whole Game colored, my mistakes from the past > many greytones. :)
For all user who dont know me and my work:
Image Set from 2013

and again...

Please Be Patient ...

Sincerly 5torm from Germany / Lower Saxony

Re: RVGL - Redesign / Retextured (wip)

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:50 pm
by Huki
A total mod with redesigned original tracks sounds too ambitious, but I'm particularly interested in the custom frontend. It's doable and we could improve RVGL to support frontend customization better.
5torm wrote:
Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:31 pm
!Can anyone give me a hint how to Screenshot in Mainmenu? my Printbutton dont work with rvgl!
F8 key. The resulting screenshots are saved to the game's profiles folder.

Re: RVGL - Redesign / Retextured (wip)

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:44 pm
by 5torm
Thx for the Screenshot Tip.

Of course its alot of Work to do.

Re: RVGL - Redesign / Retextured (wip)

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:15 pm
by 5torm
After a few hours of Testing and Working with Blender i get it. :)
Now adding Planes, Meshes etc. is very easy if you know how to :D

To get the Right Position of the Ground and Proportions of the whole Re-Votl World i added the Re-Volt BMW and a Human Model.

After i placed the First Elements for the Beginning Camera i had my Fixpoint and i could delete all Original Levelelements.
The Garagedoorframe is placed and i can move on to build the Structure.


I try to design the Level BEFORE adding all Textures. I think its faster. Because there will be enough changes during the Buildtime.

I know that because at all the Time i created Levels for alot of Games i changed many Parts of Levels or deleted the whole Thing and take a restart :D

Like Kiwi did in his Spa-Volt Level :P:P

And creating +adding the Perfect Textures is not made in a few Minutes.

Stay Tuned

Re: RVGL - Redesign / Retextured (wip)

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:53 pm
by 5torm
A BIG THX go to Kiwi (another german Revoltfreak) :D for helping me out in Blender.

So far, a few more walls and the driveway...


i know, it looks normal nothing special at this point. But in my Head its excellent :D

There will be Windows, Rainpipes and inside a lot of Stuff that it looks like a real used Garage for RC Models and other Human Stuff :D

Re: RVGL - Redesign / Retextured (wip)

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:30 am
by Kiwi
This is a really great concept you have here. You make good progress also. I'm very curious, how you will implement the car choosing screen, the options menu, and so on.

By the way, I am german speaking, but actually no german. Thx anyway, hehe. :grimacing:

It's nice that I am already able to help someone out in Blender. A year ago I knew absolutly nothing in Blender myself, but learning to handle it was a great experience for me. I can only suggest everyone to try it out some day. It's not so hard, as it feels in the beginning, and you can do really great things with it.

Greetings from Austria,