Stockification #1: Reliance

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Stockification #1: Reliance

Unread post by Skarma » Mon Sep 30, 2019 4:37 pm

As mentioned on the Discord server, I'd like to continue working on stocklike cars but I currently do not possess the knowhow when it comes to making a new skin of decent quality. A number of you might also remember I have a ton of unfinished conversions from years ago that I've since deemed unworthy of releasing in their current state due to my increased self-standards over the years.

Rather than continue to let these old things languish within my RV folders forever, I came up with the thought of stockifying them to something more aesthetically fitting for RV as seen with a few cars I've worked on previously, such as Saeger, Nesbitt and Norwood.

Here's how it works: I will provide a cleaned up and UV unwrapped version of one of my old cars as best as I can and post it here. Anyone and everyone is welcome and eligible to create a new skin or however many you want, everyone will be allowed the same amount of time for this. When your skin is finished, send it to me either through PM here on the forums or a DM on Discord. Once time is up, I will collate all skins together and create a quick poll where everyone can vote for their favourite(s). The skin with the most votes at the end will become the main skin for the car, the one appearing on the carbox and on any preview images. I will then paramise and finish up the car as usual then release. Ultimately, all skins submitted for the car will also be included and selectable.

As I've already mentioned before, this last part is the only real incentive here, but the way I see it, everyone gets the chance to try skinning a new car, I get to paramise something new and the whole community gets a new stocklike to (hopefully) enjoy at the end. Everyone's a winner. So let's try it out with this first one and see how it goes. I will be using the below format for future posts.

Click here to download the car.

Name: Reliance
Class: Amateur
Trans: FWD
Requirements: As this is the first one, there are no requirements for this car. Having the name on it would be nice but not essential. Allow your creative thinking to run loose. You may also change the texture size if you wish.
Time: 3 weeks. Please submit your finished skin(s) to me by Monday 21st October at 00:00 UTC latest. I will allow a very short grace period if your skin is very close to completion at the time.

So this first car was originally a Renault 25 GTS, converted from Need for Speed High Stakes. It was never released due to the conversion craze I was on at the time, constantly switching back and forth between different cars. By the time I finally came to consider working on it, I decided it's texturing wasn't up to scratch anymore and it wasn't seamless. So it's remained that way ever since.

That's all there is to it. I'd like to say thanks and good luck to anyone who participates and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

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