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Project espressofix

Unread post by Marv » Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:18 am

Do you remember milkfix?
I talked to Kipy today and we were talking about his efforts fixing AI nodes and how we could distribute them. We then came up with something like milkfix again. Since we can't really add any fixes to RVGL itself and the assets people use are from different sources, a mod containing several fixes should be a good solution.

I set up a repository for it here:

Accepted contributions:

- Visual glitches and bugs in meshes
----- missing polygons, weird mapping
- Missing features in single assets such as
----- Materials on the tracks Toy World 2, both Toytanic levels, Rooftops, etc.
- Bringing back features from older versions or restoring unused features such as
----- Fixes for AI nodes that make the races more exciting
----- Fixes for car parameters that don't alter the handling (AI section)
- Reports of bugs on the bug tracker or the forum topic


- Use any features that are supported by RVGL.
- Assets may not be remade and fixes need to be of the most minimal nature possible.
----- When fixing a bug in a .w file, only the section containing the bug should be changed.
- Using makeitgood for changes is fine. Using a Blender add-on is only allowed if it can be made sure that re-exporting doesn't change the structure of the file.


- On Git:
----- Create a pull request with your changes and include a very detailed description of the changes and fixes
- Otherwise:
----- You can submit contributions here on the forum thread. Again, please include a very detailed description of what you fixed and how you did it.
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