32-bit textures for all stock tracks that need it (Urne's mod repost)

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32-bit textures for all stock tracks that need it (Urne's mod repost)

Unread post by EvgenKo423 » Fri May 10, 2019 6:16 pm

:!: This is a repost of Urne's thread from ORP. Since both ORP and links are dead I'm reposting it here with fixed links.

urnemanden wrote: Ever since Re-Volt 11.0525, Re-Volt has had support for 32-bit textures. They have this advantage that you can keep part of a texture semi-transparent, for example a window. Previously it was only possible to keep this windows semi-transparent by making sure the windows was separate polygons. 32-bit can spare you from unnecessarily dividing a polygon into several because you can make the window texture semi-transparent by itself. On complex windows this can fortunately save you a good amount of triangles. :)

Re-volt can also exploit the semi-transparency to refine the texture edge. The applied anti-alias on the texture is actually not visible in-game, but instead makes the texture edge look better. So what if we make the polygons translucent so the anti-alias appear in-game? I have experiemented a bit with this idea and the result is a nice semi-transparent edge. From distance it can look pretty much like actual anti-alias that you would have applied in your gfx card settings. In my case I'm sitting behind a laptop that doesn't support gfx card anti-alias, so I was quite positive about the results.

As soon as you get near, the result can get rather blurry (depending on texture resolution). However, I have found this effect to be looking very decent on all kinds of vegetation. So with the use of these two different methods I have "converted" the stock tracks so that they now use 32-bit bitmaps. Below are a few comparison pictures in-game to show you the difference.
http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/135420 (2 MB)
http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/135421 (2 MB)
http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/135424 (1 MB)
As you can see, anti-aliasing doesn't help with textures much. This mod does the job a lot better.

urnemanden wrote: Download: (Update 20-01-2012)
If you are interested in this you can download the converted Re-Volt textures
here (2 MB).
urnemanden wrote:They can be installed by simply unzipping the files to the Re-Volt folder + merge folders and replace all files.

I have also compiled a zip with the original files (download
here (2 MB)
urnemanden wrote:) so you easily can revert back to how it was before again.

Note: Along with what you can see in the screenshots there also seems to be a few bugs. Below is what I have observed so far. Feel free to help fixing existing bugs or report new bugs if you happen to notice any. Just try make sure that the bugs are only caused by the 32-bit update and not because of a third reason.

Issues with the update:
All tracks - Instances changing vertex color/flashing. This is caused by the 32-bit textures and only happens on the instances which makes use of them, even if only partly. Right now this is noticeable on house2.prm and bin.prm in Toys in the hood 2 and I believe this might be a rendering bug from Re-Volt's side. The bug only seems to happen on polygons which pixels' alpha are 255 (opaque) though I'm not exactly sure.

Some textures have a white border around them (original textures have a black border as well).

Supermarket 2 - There is a missing polygon in market2.w just before the start position. Do not use market2.w from this mod, I've uploaded original archives for the sake of completeness.
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