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Mystery car mod w/ skins and install script

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 10:56 pm
by ElectricBee

:!: This pack will replace stock content:
  • cars/q/body.prm
  • cars/q/car.bmq
This is a pack of skins for use with the Mystery car. As the car is relatively boring, I figured I would spice things up by providing a touch of variety with car skins. Provided with the skins is also a replacement body file with remapped UV so the entire car takes to a colour change as defined by the provided skins and a replacement stock mipmap file is provided as an improvement over the original.

Mind; Mystery is not a CPUselectable car (despite my best efforts) so you won't be seeing this outside of online play, but in multiplayer games where you don't have a particular car your opponents will be more distinguishable. The five additional skins provided:
  • Black with light cyan1 2
  • White with pure black3
  • Black with pure white2
  • White with rainbow gradient
  • Black with rainbow gradient2
  1. Invert of original car.bmp
  2. Requires replacement body.prm for best effect
  3. Can be used with GIMP's grayscale layer mask for other effects, similar to black with rainbow gradient.
How to install
Copy directory q from archive to your game's cars directory.

Editing white with pure black skin
Because of how this game works, pure black renders as transparent since black is a magic colour. If when editing this, in GIMP open hue/saturation tool and dial down the brightness by -1 to return at a state where black is pure for greyscale layer mask. After applying the layer mask, boost the brightness back up to 1 to bring back pure white with transparent question mark, then make your changes using another layer underneath.

Notes about optional batch script
A second download link is included in the bottom for an optional batch script, for people who want a quick and easy way to apply or remove these changes without futzing about in their game directory. To use, rather than copying q directly into the game's cars, extract from archive the qVariety directory somewhere memorable.

After choosing to download the batch script, put it inside of qVariety. Then execute it and it should just work. Some things of note to ensure it just works:
  • Default path defined in line 12 is %prgm%\Acclaim\Re-Volt\cars. You will have to change this if the game's cars directory you wish to affect is not located at %prgm%\Acclaim\Re-Volt.
  • This only works on NTFS for Windows. (Sadly I cannot be arsed to make a Linux version of this, sorry, but it would also work for Ext4 if executed in Wine.)
  • The script summarizes this, but it is worth stressing; If you placed the script contents on the same NTFS partition where the game is, you can make hard links. Otherwise if you place the script in another NTFS partition (example; Game is in %systemdrive% while script and additional content is on a separate partition for your personal affects), then you can only make soft (symbolic) links.
Optional installation script

Re: Mystery car mod w/ skins and install script

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 1:15 am
by ElectricBee
Uh, actually I forgot the download link in my haste. Sorry.

Edit: Fixing stuff.
Fixed stiff.

Re: Mystery car mod w/ skins and install script

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 12:30 pm
by Kiwi
It would be nice to see some pictures of the mod in this thread.
I guess a lot of people would like to see what they will install, before downloading.