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Unread post by URV » Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:03 pm

Posting this on behalf of Citywalker.
Citywalker wrote:Continuing the fine tradition of "If you want something done right, do it yourself" :P, here is PumaR4.

• What it is:
A sidekick to WolfR4, continuing where jigebren left off. Intended for the old/original Re-Volt 1207, because V1.2/RVGL changes all the time.

• What it does:
+ Disables AI rubberbanding. See what the best of stock AI / Expert AI can really do.
+ Lets the AI control vehicles while in air (technically also boats) and while flipped (like Rotor).
+ Lets you change your race camera(s) for replay (already saw their view while racing, have something new instead for replays).
+ Lets you set a custom bonnet/bumper cam for racing.
+ Reads V1.2 hood/rear cameras, without V1.2's (sometimes annoying) fixed-cam hard-springs-rattle.
+ Now replicates WolfR4’s fix of cameras for low-CoM vehicles (because the use of V1.2 cameras needs it unchecked in WolfR4).
+ Adds a fix to WolfR4’s bonnet view option, so it shows the bonnet for very high vehicles as well.
++ Tip: the bonnet still disappears at heavy up-tilt, so set the camera high enough to be obscured by the screen's edge before that.
+ Prevents the overwriting of replay files (copies them as "timestamp carname @ levelname Replay.rpl")
++ Car name and level name only if PumaR4 has seen Frontend and track-loading.
++ Reads the carname correctly even if the header of Parameters.txt contains the word "name".
++ Shows an optional tooltip if replay file copied okay (no need to check manually anymore).

• How it does this:
With fully set-and-forget use:
+ Auto-attaches to Re-Volt.
+ Auto-applies your saved choices.
+ Stays minimised if you want.
+ Waits patiently for the next time you run Re-Volt.
+ Repeats the above.

• The "how" and "why" of disabling AI rubberbanding:
Says Nero (there):
Right, grab WolfR4 and the 1207 patch. Make an extremely fast car a Rookie, then try it out at Test Course 6. As you're driving, you'll notice that every AI car has a Saturn 5 rocket attached to their asses.
Do the same thing in a recent 1.2 patch, and you'll notice they're only a few mph quicker.
Says zipperrulez (there):
Upon further inspection and tests there is indeed something screwing with AI speed that isn't as apparent as it looks. I can only seem to get cars to slow/speed up if I am using a mode only possible with WolfR4:
Same car for all players, 30 cars, no collision. A few from the back of the pack at start speed past the rest, get ahead of the others by about 5m (does not speed past myself, I am still up with the 5 or so who choose to speed up) and then settle at a constant top speed.
zipperrulez even included a nice video in his post.
This is how it looks with PumaR4, in comparison.

And this is a before-and-after video of the AI controlling flying and flipped things (so you know, you can also do those boat races now :) )
Just keep in mind that to AI-tune flying things, you need to change the SteerRate (the AI part at the end of parameters.txt works only on ground).
As a bonus, here are Nyx’s Cop-ter and Acclaim’s UFO, AI-tuned for flight with PumaR4.

Yes, it has a very short readme :) because PumaR4 really needs no instructions.
Just put it anywhere you want, run it and then read what it says.

Changelog is in the readme.

Have fun!
PumaR4 ver. 2016-01-11
Released content
WIP docs
I also created a mirror of Citywalker's Legacy Stash. You can get it here.

Source: ORP | RVL

As a side note, most of these features are already existent in RVGL, but I figured it would be handy to archive this for anyone else interested in trying it out.
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