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Tracks of Alex

Unread post by Alex » Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:56 pm

This here is a collection of all the tracks I've made and am making in chronological order. Some are good, some are bad, some are just ok. I've been at it for a bit now and I'd like to have them all in one place so here you go. All of them are on RVZ unless noted.


My very first track from back in early 2015 made with the offroad prm kit. I had a short stint in the community from 2014-2015 under the name Hessen but quickly disappeared again. I also made a few car repaints during that time.


My first track made in blender. It's an extremely barebones and bad with one blind turn after the other. Very much a learning experience. I can't find the download link anymore and I never uploaded it to RVZ so it's probably lost to time.

Up Above

My first serious attempt at a track made in blender. Done within 2 days, one for modeling, one for MAKEITGOOD. Not much to this one since it is very unambitious. I even forgot to put a repo trigger below the track.


The first track I made which I don't dislike. Very much a style over substance track based on the synthwave aesthetic with some music from Pertubator. Also done in 2 days and unambitious but it did manage to get featured in Alls Fair V

Eichenwald Village

This one was very much a failure. Basically an offbrand Holiday Camp with none of what made that track good. I quickly realized that it would be bad so I rushed it out but in hindsight I should have just dropped it.


My biggest success and the track I am the most proud of. Based on de_santorini for CS:GO by FMPONE. It even made it in the main i/o track pack.


A shitpost in track form and very likely the lowest rated track on RVZ of all time. This one didn't even take me an hour to make. Somehow made it onto RVZ and it even made it into Alls Fair V. Shoutout to Andor for the idea

MKDS - Airship Fortress

Quick and easy conversion from Mario Kart DS. Not that much to it and done within a few days. Mostly made it to get back into trackmaking after taking a break.

RV Rainbow Road

Inspired by the Rainbow Road tracks from Mario Kart. Not that ambitious but I still liked how it turned out. Geared more towards my personal enjoyment rather than mass appeal.

MKDD - Wario Colosseum

Another conversion, this one from Mario Kart Double Dash. Had to put a lot of work into redoing large parts of the track due to it's frequent use of banked turns and slopes which don't translate well into Re-Volt

Sitting Camel Speedway

WIP. A more realistic racetrack with a raceline made by Andor. Uncertain if this will ever be finished so if you see it disappear from this list you'll know what happened.
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