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(First) Custom Car - Lazzy

Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2021 4:13 pm
by sliwkahax
Hello im SliwkaHAX, and i am posting my first car here. Well its not my first car but the first one i post there.

It's called Lazzy, a very fast amateur with very bad acceleration. Its based of RC Phink.


Here are the details:

Top speed: very very very fast
Acc: very very very very slow
Rating: Amateur
How vunerable to attacks?: Bascially immune
Stable?: Very
Weight (w/ wheels): 2kg
Steering: Kinda Understeer
Size: small
Best for (tracks): Straight
Downside: Slopes/Jumps, sharp turns
Textures made with: Krita (Documents are still inside the .zip)

Download link:

Re-paints are welcome, balances too, just please keep the car character
I would love to see it in the I/O pack :)
More cars soon...