Splitscreen Network Multiplayer Mode

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Re-Volt Splitscreen Network Multiplayer Mode

Unread post by dipar » Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:41 pm

---------------This is a temporary way of allowing up to 4 people to play in 1 pc connected to other pc's in the same Network---------------
I've created a few scripts that allow multiple people in the same computer to connect to a Host IP more easily in the same Network, in order that you can use 2 computers for 8 people to play (for example).

The scripts set a maximum of 4 instances of the game and allows each player to set its own name. Also, the scripts don't allow the music to overlap between each game running.

DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WNQ7E ... tmyS1wclyw

Note: you will need an additional program and mouse (yes, mouse :P) for this to work. There's also an optional program if you want to share one or more keyboards.


1. Download and extract the files inside Re-Volt LAN Splitscreen Patch X.X folder to your game's directory

2. Download and install the program PluralInput, which allows several windows to be active and receive different inputs at the same time (-nopause only allows them to be active)


3. Connect a secondary mouse

4. Open PluralInput and select the secondary mouse to be used as a PluralInput mouse and apply changes. You should see an orange mouse appear on screen like this:

ATTENTION : If your having driver problems, I suggest disabling the Driver Signature Enforcement. Also, you might need to restart your computer.


5. Connect the controllers for all the players (if you want to share one or multiple keyboards you will have to emulate each one as a xinput device. For that download the program KeyboardSplitter: https://github.com/djlastnight/Keyboard ... x/releases)

ATTENTION : You might have problems using KeyboardSplitter if you are emulating other controllers other than Xbox controllers or other xinput devices. If you're using a PS3 controller as a xinput device, use the Motioninjoy driver.

6. From the downloaded files in your directory, run the MPlauncher file. You shall see this screen:


7. Type the IP of the Host PC and hit Enter. (If no IP is detected each window will start normally without connecting to a lobby)

8. Next, give a name for each player (if you want to skip a player leave it blank):


9. After naming all the players, each window should appear. Organize them as you want. (I suggest right-clicking the task bar and clicking on "Show windows side by side")


10. On each game window, go to Options, Controller Settings and set a controller device for all players.

11. This is the part that allows each game to work simultaneously. You now have two mouses: one white and one orange (each one controlled independently). Starting from the bottom windows, with your white mouse, click on a lower right or left window's titlebar (it has to be the window's titlebar for this to work). Then, with your orange mouse, click on the other bottom window's titlebar first and then, click on the other two at the top. You will know it worked when all the game windows are controlled by each input device. It can be tricky sometimes.

12. Enjoy your race :D

Note: If you are having trouble making this method work leave a message down below
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