RVGL-UBER - AI-upscaled HD textures for all game assets

Post your own tools and resources, as well as your cars and tracks.

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RVGL-UBER - AI-upscaled HD textures for all game assets

Unread post by klider371 » Thu Jul 15, 2021 1:25 pm


Artificial Intelligence (AI)-upscaled textures provide a new high definition look for all game assets, including the standard io community packs.

Currently, this pack has four releases. Each one is a little different. After some community testing and feedback, I will hopefully merge them all into a single, best pack.

There are two upscaling models:
  • line - much sharper than original, but with more graphical glitches
  • standard - less improvement from original, but also less graphical glitches
There are also two quality levels:
  • HD - 512x512
  • UHD - 1024x1024
Please test all releases and vote on the poll so I know which one to keep

Before/After (line, UHD):

  1. Open the RVGL Launcher. At the bottom of your Repositories tab, type in the repo address:

    Code: Select all

  2. Click on Add Repository
  3. Enable the new repository by marking the checkbox at the beginning of its row
  4. Click on Update Repository Info
  5. Go to the Packs tab. All new content will be available there, prefixed with uber. Select the packs you want, click Install Packages, and enjoy them in the game!
Graphical guide:

If you are curious how all this was done, or if you would like to help, check out the project page.
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