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Blender John Nitrous' junkyard

Unread post by John Nitrous » Tue May 14, 2019 1:51 pm

Good day.
as you might have read in the title, this is my junkyard. I don't work on this stuff anymore - wait, let's say it in another way - here are the things, some of you might be able to use, but a better, newer version is in the works already. So study it, ask what's wrong about it and I will be pleased to help. You are allowed to do whatever you want to with the stuff I post here (except for selling it, duh).
I really hope it's the right category tho.

Alright, that's the theory stuff. Here comes the first junker:

It's an Audi TT 8N. The backstory of this model is, that it was created in 2017, while I was in Palestine. It was my first "good" model, in fact. I didn't know what I was doing back then, but I tried out much stuff, knife project for example (the grille). I hope you find a use for this and please remember, all the junkers you'll find here do not represent my current quality.

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Yours truly,
John Nitrous

P.S.: If I get banned here for obvious reasons, I kindly ask to remove this whole thread, please.
Do not try to find me on Discord. If you wanna talk, talk to me here. :)
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