Arcade skins and file link script

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Arcade skins and file link script

Unread post by ElectricBee » Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:09 am


Sample car field w/ some arcade skins

From the depths of the Re-Volt Live archive, I proudly present a repackaging of BallisticRules' arcade car skins! The only caveat here is no carboxes.

If you elect to download and make use of this, you can copy all directories into \cars\ and have it work.

Use notes
An interesting side-affect of giving yourself skins for stock cars is the fact that the AI also wants to use them. So this can be used to make the field way more colourful, for the cars this pack supports. Online multiplayer may have random skins applied to vehicles as well, bear this in mind when using it.

How to installl
Copy all directories from the ArcadeSkins directory into your game's cars directory. Yes, all 23 of them. (If you want to make installation and removal easier on yourself, you may be interested in the batch script which is provided below!)

Notes about optional batch script
A second download link is included in the bottom for an optional batch script, for people who want a quick and easy way to apply or remove these changes without futzing about in their game directory. To use, rather than copying all of the archive's directories directly into the game's cars, extract from archive the ArcadeSkins directory somewhere memorable.

After choosing to download the batch script, put it inside of ArcadeSkins. Then execute it and it should just work. Some things of note to ensure it just works:
  • Default path defined in line 12 is %prgm%\Acclaim\Re-Volt\cars. You will have to change this if the game's cars directory you wish to affect is not located at %prgm%\Acclaim\Re-Volt.
  • This only works on NTFS for Windows. (Sadly I cannot be arsed to make a Linux version of this, sorry, but it would also work for Ext4 if executed in Wine.)
  • The script summarizes this, but it is worth stressing; If you placed the script contents on the same NTFS partition where the game is, you can make hard links. Otherwise if you place the script in another NTFS partition (example; Game is in %systemdrive% while script and additional content is on a separate partition for your personal affects), then you can only make soft (symbolic) links.
Optional batch script
Source content
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