Online Point system / Championship mode Race

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Online Point system / Championship mode Race

Unread post by Stingox » Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:58 pm

I want to propose a point table system implemented for online racing that would make races more interesting.
Currently we have a offline championship mode and the parser that is for example presented at the end of most IO races.
The problem is that it's only available after the session has ended and not available during the race when how you play with your direct opponents counts the most.

I propose to implement this system into the online racing ideally as a separate championship race (instead of single race), but for the sake of convenience for a point table system to be available during races, whatever is the most convenient for developers.
That way we can also distinguish between "casual" and "competetive" racing where it's not as demanding to reach the top on the table.

This table should show the following:

Player Position Rank
Car (not mandatory)
Points made in current track
Total Points
Average total score
Fastest lap in current race (Fastest players time highlighted)

If you have any other thoughts or ideas that you think should be added feel free to discuss it here.
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