Custom Folder works for cars.

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Re-Volt Custom Folder works for cars.

Unread post by L!LMexican » Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:39 am

Like how the custom folder for track makers or the "#" folder, I would like to see this feature implemented for car enthusiasts. Let's say I make a custom Col Moss with sounds and new body and ect, but have to replace some of the original and stock files(Not really but an example). This wouldn't be too good, and I would have to make a backup if I did want to so. Just a suggestion.
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Re: Custom Folder works for cars.

Unread post by shara-- » Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:58 am

if you want a col moss with a new body, you can just create a new car folder and make it as a new different car than the stock col moss, or edit the parameters of the stock col moss to use the new body (this still requires an edit of a stock file, thus you may need to backup)

i think most of the aspects about cars are already editable, though it isnt possible to change car sounds yet without replacing stock files. though, in my opinion, while this is a good idea for real cars or experimental-styled custom cars, i kinda hate to see it in normal custom RC cars because it doesnt fit with the feel of the game. but im still up with supporting custom engine sounds.
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