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[RVGL] packing textures with the world file

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 9:46 am
by Instant
Title. Blender already supports packing images as embedded data in a .blend files, with some changes to rva and the .w file format it would work like a charm.
Other than it's practical use and more professional approach, I'm actually suggesting this, because – unless if I'm misunderstanding something in the license – some sites like might allow bundling textures with your own models, but they don't allow distributing them by themselves or releasing them as open-source. I'm not sure if the way tracks distribute textures falls within proper use.
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I realize many might not care about such things at all – especially due to modding's nature – or might consider this to be nitpicking, I personally have a case where I should care about such, furthermore there are other reasons too for implementing this feature, and I consider it to be very important, but don't want to appear ungrateful either after all the recent, really cool updates to the texture system.