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Read-Only/Disc Support

Unread post by Elston87 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:10 pm

Hi there. I have quite a bit of a niche suggestion that may not seem viable to add, but I figure I would give my two cents nonetheless.

Would it be possible to add Read-Only directory support for RVGL? This would make it possible to distribute the game and any custom content on a disc (not commercially, but running the game entirely off of a disc or giving copies to friends), but RVGL writes to two directories (as far as I know), profiles and times, which prevents it from running entirely in a read-only directory or on a disc. Would it be possible to have a launcher program or a configuration file/entry that can store the profiles and times directories separately upon launching? The user can specify a directory to store these two in; that way, a profile's progress can still be saved and updated, and best Time Trial times can still be saved.

I ask of this because when distributing copies of the game for certain environments, not all computers in certain scenarios have permission to access USB devices or write any additional data to certain directories (like for an after-school college club event for example). Additionally, discs (either CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, or BD-Rs) are significantly cheaper than buying separate USB storage drives. It's a bit of a niche request because storage devices like USB flash drives, hard drives or memory cards are very affordable and accessible nowadays, and optical storage formats are considered to be a dying/deprecated format nowadays (except for movies), but I like to see support added for them for the sake of nostalgia.

Thanks for reading and your consideration.
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