[RVGL] Add Multiplayer things in the future

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[RVGL] Add Multiplayer things in the future

Unread post by Santiii727 » Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:27 pm

Hi, I'm suggesting multiplayer things that can add:

- Please add back the management menu while keeping the shortcuts

- Add Chat button next to the pause..while playing multiplayer and also the show players button (Android)

- Add Bluetooth Support all platforms

- Add Wifi Direct support

- Host Migration with verification feature proposal:

Add a shortcut such as ctrl+h or gui menu to do the following:

Verify that the one taking over can actually host by remotely making it actually host and we attempt to connect to his session, all done transparently and simultaneously, a dialog should appear during this process telling the involved users that a test is being performed.

If it succeeds the original host would see a message and so will the new host.
If it fails then again, a message informing of this would appear containing a request for the target to forward the port.

- Switch cars in multiplayer
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