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Per Game Mode settings

Unread post by JohnCorl_x3 » Mon May 07, 2018 1:07 pm

Keeping the "RVGL as a platform" in mind I thought about move single Game Settings in Start Race menu so that, in the future, custom game modes could feature custom settings too. Also not needed setting could be automatically hidden.

- Game Mode [game mode names] (the default game mode selector, left or right will switch through game modes)
- Mode [simulation/arcade/console/junior rc] (the mode menu could eventually be there instead having a new menu, this could also be splitted in 3 different settings*)
* Speed [reduced/full]
* World Collisions [simplified/realistic]
* Car Collisions [simplified/realistic] (we don't care about car collisions in Time Trial, Practice or Stunt Arena, this setting could be hidden)
- Number of Cars [2...16] (can be hidden in Championship, Time Trial, Practice, Stunt Arena and fixed to 30 in Clockwork Carnage)
- Number of Laps [1...20] (hidden in Championship, Time Trial, Practice, Stunt Arena and MP Battle Tag)
- Random Cars [on/off] (as requested several times this could be splitted*)
* Random Car [on/off] (picks a random car for the player, fixed to Clockwork in Clockwork Carnage)
* CPU Cars [same car/same caregory/category names] (can choose if the AI would pick same player car, a car from the same category o choose a specific category (for some crazy Dr. Grudge against semi-pro in Single Race), hidden in Championship, Time Trial, Practice, Stunt Arena and MP modes, fixed to same car in Clockwork Carnage)
- Random Tracks [on/off] (hidden for Championship)
- Multiplayer CPU [on/off] (shown only in Split-Screen modes)
- Battle Tag Time [1...5] (shown only in Battle Tag modes (this always confused me as a kid, never knew Battle Tag mode)
- Pick ups [on/off] (hidden in Time Trial, Practice and Stunt Arena)
- Split Times [global/per rating] (shown only in Time Trial)
- Show Ghost [yes/no] (shown only in Time Trial)
- CPU Catch up [on/off] (the new RVGL setting could be also added here, hidden in Time Trial, Practice, Stunt Arena and MP modes)

Speed units and Language will remain in Game Settings like during race.
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