Multiplayer Championship / Custom Cups

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Multiplayer Championship / Custom Cups

Unread post by DC_all » Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:59 am

Hey all, one thing I've wanted since the dawn of time (when RV first released on N64) is the ability to do the championship mode in multiplayer. Now, really I'd only be doing this in Splitscreen with the Ai, but I think this is something the online community would appreciate too. Currently in SS multiplayer.. it's just do a race.. and then choose another race, or change cars. This can make a RV session get stale quickly, the game doesn't even tally the wins.

When I play single player championship... it feels so different, having the scoreboard inbetween tracks.. knowing who my rival is and making sure I stay ahead of that Ai or try to make them fail in the following race. Also forcing me to further consider my car choice as I have to stay with it for the whole cup, It adds a much more interesting edge to the game. and finally, different lap counts inbetween tracks is a huge plus.

Secondly, going along side multiplayer Championship mode... is the ability for users to create their own cups..
obviously, a UI tracklist editor would be great, etc...
but really I'd be happy with just being able to supply a text document in a directory...
for example:

CUP NAME: DC Collection
Number of racers (4-16): 8
Pickups: True
Difficulty: Rookie (Automatic would be great too)

Track: MSI
Reverse: True
Mirrored: False
Laps: 6

Track: donut3
Reverse: False
Mirrored: False
Laps: 8

And so on......

Thanks for reading.
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