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Suggestions regarding Frontend customisations

Unread post by Kiwi » Sun Sep 13, 2020 6:45 pm

While working on the Hood Frontend, I found some limitations regarding the customisation possibilities RVGL is offering. It would be cool if some of them could be addressed in one of the next RVGL updates.

1) Make it possible, to define the car drop position at the car selection

At the moment, the car will be dropped depending on the coordinates defined for the CAMPOS ID-3. The car drop itself can't be defined. Very much fiddeling-around is necessary, so the car drop is working as intended by the creator. If there would be a seperate section where the position (X Y Z coordinates) + the rotation (0.00 to 1.00 - like at the STARTROT) could be defined, this would be really really nice.

2) Make it possible, to define the box drop position at the car selection

Same as in (1), it's not possible to define the exact position where the carbox from the selected car will be located, before the car "drop out" this box. It seems it will be placed at a positon which is a mixture between CAMPOS ID-2 and CAMPOS ID-3. (?) I was not able to find this out. I was also not able to reproduce a position of the box, like it is in the Default Frontend. Here, the box will be placed very near to the floor - the car will rather dropped then placed on the floor. In the Hood Frontend, I was only able to drop the car pretty high above the location, where the car will land.

3) Make it possible, to define the trophy ceremony drop positions

At the moment, only the camera positions for the trophy ceremony can be adjusted, but not the car drop positions. But not in a way like it is for the car selection screen, where the car will drop at a position related to the CAMPOS ID-3. Instead the car drops for place 1, place 2, place 3, and "loose"-place are hardcoded and fixed for the Default Frontend positions. (I worked-around this, by placing the winners-podium at the exact same coordinates as in the Default Frontend inside the .w-file.) Also the firework at the trophy ceremony will take place at hardcoded coordinates.

4) Make it possible, to define the size of the track preview pictures

At the moment, the "frame" where the track preview picture is at the track selection screen, have a fixed size. And this size is very big. If this size could be adjusted, it would be possible to make for example a track selection inside an old computer screen, instead of a big TV screen. The track preview picture itself will be placed by adding the bigscreen.m object, by the way.

5) Make it possible, to define win and loose songs

At the moment, there will be played the song as defined in MUSIC, at the trophy ceremony. No special song can be defined. There is also a bug related to this: After the trophy ceremony, when again inside the frontend, the default frontend track will be played (or maybe the track, which is defined in REDBOOK?).

6) Make it possible, to use a skybox

At the moment, the carbox textures will be used for the skybox. (I worked around this, by modelling a skybox inside the .w-file).

That's all for now. :)
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