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Mod Directory

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 6:28 pm
by JohnCorl_x3
Hi there (and sorry for my bad english)
Since the skin update I have bad times managing re-volt content because you're mostly going to add custom skins in stock folders changing their date. I used to sort folders by date in order to better manage them and keep stock content somewhat away from the custom one. To solve this issue I was thinking about making a new and OPTIONAL system to manage custom game assets.

A "mods" directory could contains other folders, one for each mod or modpack, that contains mod informations and the custom game assets itself. The game will later load and merge every file as they are located in the right directory. Here some examples:

I need to install "carX" mod, today I have to navigate \RVGL and extract my archive here (it will hopefull contain the "cars" folder inside it), in the future I could extract my archive in \RVGL\mods\carX .
Let's add now an hot toyeca skin, I have to navigate \RVGL\cars\toyeca and drop here my skin, with the new system I can create \RVGL\mods\hottoyecaskin\cars\toyeca and put my skin here.
Now I have to update the RVIO track pack and sadly a track was removed, today I have to look for the track directory through the WHOLE \RVGL\levels and eventually delete it, with the \RVGL\mods folder I can look for \RVGL\mods\RVIO\levels having less folders to look through (or just delete the whole \RVGL\mods\RVIO and extract the pack again).

With this system my \RVGL\cars folder will only contains stock contents and \RVGL\mods contains all my mods prefenting every file replacement.

Nice other things that could come up with this feature (these are just ideas, the basic \RVGL\mods would be awesome as is):
- You could disable a mod without move/delete the mod files using a config file or even better in game menu
- The game will understand if a mod tries to replace stock content
- The game will eventually find mod conflicts and offer a "mod order" or a priority system
- The game could disable certain mods that will cause the CHT tag during multiplayer sessions without have to remove them
- The mod could contains version number and download link so that it can be automatically updated
- The mod containing download link can be eventually downloaded during multiplayer and keeped as "cached mod"

Yes, re-volt is a rock solid game for modding as it is, but in my opinion with this new feature you can reach the next level without even touching stock files.

Keep up the AMAZING work! Have a nice re-volt everybody

Re: Mod Directory

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 2:25 pm
by 607
This isn't fully relevant, but um... I understand you've got a single Re-Volt directory for both single player and multi player. In that case: if a track gets removed from the I/O pack, you don't need to delete it...

Re: Mod Directory

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:09 am
by JohnCorl_x3
I know you don't have to delete the track, but I wish to keep only the content I want plus the content I NEED.

Re: Mod Directory

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:36 am
by Marv
Have you thought of keeping multiple installations?
I have one with just the stock content, one for playing online and one for development.
If you want to keep the profile synchronized throughout all installations, you can keep it in a central place and link the profile to the installations.