Marking Time Trial times as CHT

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Marking Time Trial times as CHT

Unread post by ZipperZbieracz » Wed Aug 07, 2019 9:04 am

I have a suggestion to mark the time trial times that were made with instances OFF (and wrong stock car parameters if it is not implemented yet) as CHT. Instances OFF allow for a much faster raceline, and instances are an integral part of tracks so making a time without them should be considered cheating, and such times marked as CHT in the laplocal or times file, whichever file has such mark (I dont remember it at the moment).

Another possible suggestion is to add a visual text hanging notification (for example in the top-left where the "lag-phone" appears in multiplayer), something like "CHT" or something to notify the player that if a time trial time would be made, the time would be marked as CHT because of wrong car parameters or instances off, on one side it would inform the player that the time would be marked as CHT and also would reduce the possibility of a cheating (where a CHT time, but similar to nonCHT time would be made, so it wouldn't be suspicious) in the top time trial times pic-posting system.

Another possible suggestion is to add such visual CHT text notification when the used stock car has non-stock parameters in all modes, or at least all multiplayer modes, but it's just a possibility, maybe it would be an overkill and too much hassle.
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