[RVGL] Problem using mirrors

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Re-Volt [RVGL] Problem using mirrors

Unread post by Kiwi » Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:44 am

Hello RVGL-team,

I found out, that as soon water/fog boxes will be placed in a level, no mirror surfaces can be used, because graphic glitches appears.

How I tested it:

1) Created a portal by using the makeitgood "Erm, nothing to see here"-mode, where the mirrored surface should appear.
2) Created a rim-file by using the mkmirror tool.

Without water/fog-boxes in the level, the mirroring is working fine:


As soon a water/fog-box will be placed, there are graphic glitches.

The graphic glitch doesn't look the same all the time. Also, sometimes the glitch doesn't appear at all. At Singleplayer-races, the glitch appears much more often, then on Timetrials.

It makes no difference, where the water/fog-boxes are located. Also a very small water-box far away from the portal is causing glitches. (So there are definitly no overlaps).

Here are some screenshots how the glitches looks like:






It would be really nice, if this issue can be solved. So trackmakers would be able to use both (mirrored surfaces and water/fog-boxes) in one level.

Ciao, Kiwi
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